By The Dreamer - November 28, 2019

In this big world with 7B humans, have you ever feel lonely?
Is it what we called with quarter-life-crisis? Or does it happen to everyone around the world, no matter how old they are?

I ever feel lonely.
I feel like I have no friends and time flies just like that.
No friends call me, text me, or looking for me. 
And suddenly, my brain recalled all memories from High School.
The happiest memory, I thought.

But memories are just memories.
I can't jump into it and live only in that moment, life must goes on.

I don't know how I overcome this feeling.
I just remember that night, I talked to my boyfriend about it and then I feel better.

If right now you are feeling lonely, I suggest you to find someone to talk to, find someone you trust the most and I hope you will overcome this feeling soon.

The Dreamer.

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