Jumat, 22 Mei 2020

I know there is something wrong, when my right hand was hurts and my eyes got blurry vision. Then, I realize this thing happened after I spend too much time on my phone.

My phone is like a tool that can do anything for me. Phone is my notes, my camera, my TV, my way to communicate, my game board, I can do anything with my phone and I write—almost—all my blog post on my phone, too.

After I spend over a month at home because of this pandemic, I notice about my screen time on phone is increasing a lot. I can spend 7-10 more hours on phone, No, I didn't do anything useful on it. I'm just surfing on the internet or watching Netflix or playing games, that's how I kill my time on my phone. Nothing useful, as I said.

So, this past few days—actually 4 days—I decided to limit my screen time. I read some essay from The Minimalists and it inspired me to do the same. Honestly, I can't. I can't getting rid of my phone as he did, but I know I can reduce to use it as much as I want.

I tried to check my phone once per one hour, and what I did on phone just for reply some text, sometimes to read a chapter of e-book, and sometimes to play about three races on Kart Rider game. Mostly that's all. I did limit to reply messages because I found out if my hand was hurts when I typed on my phone too much.

At first, it's really hard to do. As you know, we usually check out our phone without awareness, I mean, checking out our phone is like breathing for us, and we will feel anxious when we can't check our phone, even there's no notification at that time. So, when the thought of need to check out my phone was out, I tried to get rid of it with leave my phone on a table that far from me and I did anything else, like read a pyshical book or have a conversation with my parents or other family member. Now, for 4 days, my screen time is on 3 hours average. It decreased—a lot.

With this, I realize when I was too attached to my phone, I didn’t have enough time to listening about my family member stories, to help them and to do anything else off screen.

When we put the screen down, we will get some new and good experience that off of screen.

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