About Me

Glad to see you here

 I'm Lia, 
The girl behind this blog.

I love reading, writing and watching ❤️
I love to read self-help books for non-fiction, 
And any nice cover books for fiction.
One of my dreams is to spend a whole day long in a Library. 

"That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet" 
- Jhumpa Lahiri

This blog is my virtual home for sharing things such as my slice of life story and thought.
I hope you can enjoy your time while in here, at my blog.
Just take your time because it is free to read as long as you want *wink*
This is virtual tea and cookie for accompany you during your stay in here.
Take it for free~

I can't wait to talk with you in my comment box!
See you there 🥰

- The dreamer