This is my first post in this blog. I have several blogs before and I deleted all of it, but I ended up with feeling that I need to write down something and share it if it's positive or good things. That's why I made this blog. I make it simple, clean and also I have my own domain this time.

In the future, I will write down so many thing in this blog and share any positive thing (I hope) through this blog.
I hope I can manage and keep this blog well enough.
And I hope I can bring something good from this blog for you.

Review post will always in Bahasa Indonesia which is my mother language.
Any other post will be in English and some in Bahasa.

See you really soon!
With love,
The Dreamer.

4 komentar

  1. Waahhh nemu postingan awal, hihihi :D

    1. Wah, kak Rey subuh-subuh malah melipir sampai post pertamaku ini πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
      Terima kasih udah mampir sampai ke sini kak 😘
      Tidur kak, tidur huahahaha

  2. Wihh nyangkut sampe sini Li.. hahah.. πŸ˜„ seru2..

    1. Bayu, nyangkutnya jauh banget πŸ˜‚ aku jadi malu ada yang baca post ini wkwk


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